What Effect does your Diet have on your Baldness
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What Effect does your Diet have on your Baldness?

People say we become what we eat. This has a certain amount of truth in it. What we eat has a big impact on our physical state, and our physical state, to a great extent determines our mental health which further determines our spiritual health. That is why, it is rightly said, ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’!

Whatever we eat, shows up on our skin. For example, a guy fond of burgers and French fries will generally have oily skin and will be prone to acne. On the contrary, a guy fond of veggies (such guys are hard to find!!) will have a healthy skin.

The impact of health food not only affects the face but also our scalp. Having an oily diet that lacks in important minerals, generally leads to clogged pores in the scalp area. This also attracts dust and grime and hence gives rise to dandruff. Excessive dandruff causes occurrence of flakes in the scalp. If this continues for long, then the roots of hair may become weak and this results in hair fall.

Hair is made up of proteins and various minerals. Any concession in these is bound to result in making the hair brittle and life less. As hair become brittle, they gradually start falling, paving the way for a bald patch. Thus, it is supremely important to make a healthy and wholesome diet an integral part of your routine.

Now the question comes that what all to include in your diet so that you get healthy and lustrous hair and also your baldness gives way to a new cluster of hair ?

Have a colorful diet. Try to include fruits and vegetables of almost every color available. Put radishes, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, sprouts, apples, oranges and plums on your plate. Every color signifies a particular set of minerals and vitamins. You require all these in plenty. For proteins, include a healthy proportion of eggs, meat and fish in your diet. If you are vegetarian then soybean and pulses will do the trick. Proteins will increase the strength of hair and also impart them an amazing shine.

Consume dairy products in copious amounts. Cheese, milk and curd have lots of goodness in them. However do not consume dairy products in excess. These produce lactic acid after digestion which in excess is not very good for hair.

Also, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. This way you will always be greeted by hairs shining with good health.

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