Vitamins – The Modern Day Mantra for Long and Silky Locks
Hair Care

Vitamins – The Modern Day Mantra for Long and Silky Locks

Before you start getting panic attacks, it is suggested that you start taking care of your hair.

These days, zillions of options are there in the beauty market ranging from surgeries to magic pills to amazing lotions and what not. It is up to you, what you choose to turn back to your glorious days.

Vitamin pills can be a very good option if you need some medicines to do the trick. Medically speaking, hair is composed of around 81 percent proteins. It is therefore evident, that it requires vitamins for its healthy growth. This is a reason why hair care shampoos boast of the percentage of proteins and vitamins in their composite mixture. It has become a custom to use B complex, inositol and folic acid in hair growth products. Inositol is said to prevent hair fall and strengthens cell membranes. Folic acid is known for increasing cell production rate and thus facilitating speedier hair growth.

Vitamins are very necessary for hair growth, but not the only thing needed! Along with a good supply of vitamins, what is needed is cleanliness. The pores of the scalp should remain open and free from all blockages. Hair grows out through these pores and dirt, grime or oil is bound to clog these pores. It is also known world over, that the treatments for hair growth work efficiently on a clear scalp. So at all times, it is needed to massage and clean the scalp with a good herbal or medicated shampoo.

These days vitamins are available that promote hair growth and also prevent abnormal hair fall. The best vitamin for hair growth is vitamin B. It is a storehouse of magnesium, Biotin, Zinc, Folic Acid and Sulfur. Researchers say that these nutrients, when taken in proportionate amounts, can greatly reduce hair problems like brittleness and thinning. Studies also say that, the hair loss that occurs in patches is often a result of low magnesium in diet, whereas diets also low in inositol and biotin could cause complete baldness.

Given the umpteen benefits of vitamins, one should not start consuming these like a horse. These should be taken in appropriate amounts or else these may cause some side effects. Vitamin A if consumed moderately, can be beneficial, however if taken in excess can ill effects like hair loss.

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