Nail Polish-Which Color to Go for

Nail Polish-Which Color to Go for?

Whenever you talk about beauty and makeup you always have a long list of cosmetics in your make up kit. From among that long list, there is ‘n’ number of items that take care of your make up from top to bottom. One among that item is Nail paint commonly known as nail polish.

This particular beauty equipment is used on the nails in order to give them a vibrant look. It comes in different shades and now-a-days there are nail polish that are blended with glitters. If you search in the market, there are a lot of nail polishes available, and even big giant players like L’OREAL, ELLE18 and so on, even they grabbed the opportunity in this widespread market of nail paints.

As already mentioned, there are lots of shades for the nail polish and here you need to be a bit cautious as to which colored nail paint suits your skin the most. There are people who choose shades that even match their moods and their attire.

If you ask about the most popular shade then Pink is the most preferred one. There are lots of shades in pink too and hence you need to find out as which one will suit you the best with respect to your skin tone. If your skin tone is dark then you must go for yellow nail polish and if you are a fair person then blue would be a better option.

Different Kinds of Nail Polishes:

  • Glitter
  • Extra shine
  • Matte
  • Shimmer metallic

Here’re a few Tips for You..

  • When you go into the shop to buy a nail paint, don’t forget to take a white paper with you, as holding the white paper against the nail polish will let you see the reflection of its colour. Even if you forget, use your wrist and do the same.
  • Light and medium colors look best for the people with fair complexion.
  • Dark colors suits dark person the most.
  • If you are on for a party or a dinner, use bright colors.
  • For sophisticated nights, lighter color would do.
  • If you have an interview, then pale or some neutral color like white or transparent color would serve you better.
  • Your attire decides the color or shade of the nail paint and if you are wearing a dark colored dress then go for a light shade and vice versa
  • Personality is also an important aspect, if you are person more prone to outings prefer only the flashy colours and the person who are conservative must go for neutral color.

Whichever color you go for, just take care that it must not carry harmful chemicals that may affect your body or health as at the end of the day; it’s your health that matters and not the outer looks.

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