How to Reduce Hair Fall after Pregnancy
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How to Reduce Hair Fall after Pregnancy?

Hair loss after delivery or postpartum hair loss is commonly found among all new moms. Some may have more hair loss and some may not affected much that depends on their body and hormone nature. Whatever loss may be you need not worry much about that because there are many remedies and best shampoo for postpartum hair loss are available to reduce it. Before going to that let’s have a detailed idea about the postpartum hair loss. This postpartum hair loss is a temporary thing and it is commonly occurs during the initial months after pregnancy. Don’t get panic about this because it can be cured even if you take little care on it.

The most common reason for this hair loss after pregnancy is based on oestrogen levels. If there is fall in oestrogen level then there may be hair loss. This will be continued upto four months after delivery. For some mom’s it may be continued even for six to eight months. After pregnancy your thyroid level will be increased or decreased so if there is any change of thyroid level in your body then there may be a hair loss.


Whether the hail fall after pregnancy is a normal one?

Usually, postpartum hair loss is a normal thing among all the women. We call that stage as a shedding period which means 85 percent of the hair will grow actively and the rest will be in a resting mode in that period. These hairs will be lost either due to Washing or combing. So don’t worry about the hair loss during shedding period because it gives the way for the growth of new follicles. If the hair loss continues without any developments then better you need to consult the physician and have some proper medications.

What are the basic remedies you have to follow for preventing postpartum hair loss?

Following these remedies won’t give you the complete solution for your hair problem, but it may prevent from excess loss.

Always be gentle with your hair

Avoid some of tight hairstyle because while tightening the hair it may tend to pulled out. Select the hairstyle that should not strain or damage your hair. Don’t use hard braids, heavy clips etc. Some may suggest having an oil treatment while doing those treatments you should strictly avoid hot oil treatment, the main reason behind this is surely it will affect the hair or scalp. Don’t allow your child to play with your hair like twisting, pulling or rolling because that is also one of the reasons for hair loss.

Use that comb with wide teeth

If you use comb with tightly spaced teeth for combing it may cause more hair loss compared to wide teeth comb. Use the comb with wide teeth to brush your hair gently without any damages. Don’t comb your hair when it is in wet conditions because the wet hair will be weak compared to the dry one. Don’t use the devices like hair dryers or ironing machine because it may produce heat that may cause severe damage to your hair. In case of you want to use the dryer then use it with cooling options.

Find the best hair products

Use some of the best shampoo and conditioner that makes you hair healthier. For this you should have try some of them before and check whether it suits to your hair otherwise it will also create heavy hair loss.

Avoid unnecessary stress

Stress is the key reason for hair loss. You hair follicles will go to the rest state when you are in stress and leads to thinner hair coverage. But when you have new baby you can’t avoid this situation. Better you can seek help from someone to avoid stress.

Have a balanced dietHow to Reduce Hair Fall after Pregnancy

Try to have the food with vitamins and minerals like proteins, iron, flavonoids and antioxidant. Some of the foods that help to prevent hair loss are meat, soyabeans, spinach, some fruits and vegetables.

Take proper supplements

Some of the essential supplements needed for healthy hair are vitamin B, C, F and zinc. Some proved that biotin taken in an oral form will helps to prevent the hair loss.

Tips to choose the best shampoo for hair loss

While choosing the best shampoo for postpartum hair loss you need to keep these tips in your mind:

  • Select the products mentioned with volumising shampoo.
  • Don’t choose the shampoo with conditioning because it may expose your hair with less heaviness.
  • Also avoid intensive conditioner for your hair for the same reason mentioned above.
  • Check while buying the conditioner that it should be made only for fine hair.
  • Also choose that shampoo products with biotin or silica, which may works well for your hair loss.

Here are some lists of best shampoo for postpartum hair loss;

Ultrax labs hair surge

The ingredients used in this shampoo helps to reverse and prevents from hair loss. This is the only shampoo that provides you clinical backing on its ingredients.

How to Reduce Hair Fall after Pregnancy

Pura D’ or anti thinning shampoo

This shampoo uses the natural preservatives and that too derived from plant extracts. The main purpose of this shampoo is to clean your scalp and tends to nourish the hair follicles. That results in the development of hair growth.

Avalon organics thickening shampoo

This shampoo is formulated with vitamin E, plant proteins, saw palmetto and biotin. These ingredients will give the nourishment to your hair without any chemical reactions. This shampoo doesn’t have fragrances, synthetic colours, harsh preservatives and so on.

Apart from this there are many shampoos you can purchase through online they are;

  • Phytocyane densifying shampoo.
  • Marc Anthony volumising collagen bamboo shampoo.
  • Nioxin system 1shampoo.
  • Veta hair stimulating shampoo.
  • Hair growth botanical renovation lavender hair loss conditioner.

While buying these shampoo or conditioner see all the ingredients and check whether it suits to your hair. Use any one of the shampoo and have a healthy hair.

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