Enhance Your Beauty from Tip to Toe

Enhance Your Beauty from Tip to Toe

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous? I’m sure every woman. A gorgeous woman is a man’s fantasy. But when we call someone gorgeous, it does not mean just external beauty but also her internal beauty. Beauty is skin deep, it isn’t shallow. One can’t deny that having a pleasing personality is also equally important.

When we talk about one’s image it’s not just how well dressed you are and about how your body looks but also how you carry off yourself when you are in public and the way you communicate and so on. Being well dressed is important but never overdo or else you’ll end up being a fashion disaster.

Don’t try to be someone, enhance your own beauty:

Beautiful hair is always something which everyone admires. Take really good care of your hair. Have a hair cut which suits your face and enhances your look. What might look good on someone may not necessarily look good on you. So don’t just follow fashion blindly. Eating good food and at the right time is very important. Eat lots of protein rich foods which include fish, meat, soya and dairy products.

Having a good body is also very important. Every one can’t have size zero or can’t be as slim as super models. It is important to have body proportionate to your height and also your age. Most women are under misconception that dieting is the only way one can have a good body. But that isn’t true. Eating good breakfast is very important. That starts your metabolism process. You feel less hungry throughout the day and that will put an end to your temptation for junk food. And also you get whole day to burn those calories. Don’t make too much of effort. Remember “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”

Pamper your skin. Eating healthy food directly affects your skin type. To have healthy vibrant skin is not a cake walk. You need to control your temptations for the junk food and also eat food which is rich in protein omega3 oils and vitamin C and E. Follow a healthy diet plan today and tomorrow you’ll end up having no complaints about your skin. Don’t forget that wrinkles, eye bags, age spots, all of this are definitely something you would never want. So work out a plan today and see the results in your coming future.

Develop confidence in yourself. Have an “on top of the world attitude”. You know yourself best so concentrate on your assets and show them off   rather than concentrating on something that you don’t have. Never crib about things you can’t change in you.

Don’t just be a good speaker but also be a good listener. Everyone wants to feel special and heard. It’s not just about what you want to convey but also what the other person wants to communicate to as well. Eye contact and showing interest in the conversation is very important. Put across a warm friendly and pleasing personality which makes one wanting to decode the mystery surrounding YOU.

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