Enhance the Beauty of your Eyes with Eyelash Extension

We live in the age where it is possible to have a remedy for almost anything. Those days are gone when you could do nothing to improve your bulky physique, your wrinkles, eye color, and facial features.

With the advancement of science, you have no need to bother any aspect of your body which you don’t like as you have several options like hair extension, contact lenses, laser hair removal, liposuction etc to augment your beauty. So if you think that you don’t like any particular thing about your body, you have an option to improve with these treatments.

Eyes are the window of soul. This saying proves that the charm of an individual somewhere depends on the beauty of his/her eyes. Thick eyelashes add up extra magnificence to the beauty of your eyes and if you don’t have thick eyelashes naturally, it is now possible to use an eyelash extension. Eyelash extension has now become a fad in many countries. It is easy to apply and does not have many bad  implications.

Unlike false eyelashes, eyelash extension is permanent and lasts for 2 to 3 months. It is attached to your natural eyelashes with the help of tweezers. The cost ranges from $200 to $300. Since these are applied to your natural lashes, it gives a natural look. You have the flexibility to choose any length, thickness, and color and you can wear them during sleeping, swimming or showering.

There is a risk associated with it because these last as long as the natural eyelashes last. When your natural lashes shed off and thus shed off the extension with it. This depends on your lifestyle, the strength of your eyelashes and the cycle of your hair growth. So it is somehow a costly affair.

There is also a cheaper alternative available which is semi permanent eyelash extension. They are easier to apply and cost between $50 to $70 and lasts for one to two weeks. Also you can take them out when you please.

If you are going to take an eyelash extension and want to get the full worth of your money, make sure that it is done by a qualified expert because if not done properly, it may pose harm to your delicate eyes.

Make 360 Waves your Fashion Statement

Grooming up yourself with the different types of hair style accentuates your personality. However, when it comes to men, 360 waves is the latest fashion statement. This wave style was discovered before many years. Most of the African men with short hair are seen wearing this type of hairstyle. In fact, it is particularly meant for men with a dark complexion.

Brushing your hair constantly give you a smart wavy pattern around the hair known as the brush waves. With the aid of pomades this style was further enhanced. Thus, with the passage of time, this style has evolved and established its identity as the famous 360 waves. There are several methods to achieve those waves in your hair.

But before starting the process of waving get yourself one Doo-Rag, a hair brush with firm bristles, pomade, hot water and a towel. In addition, for developing waves your hair must be at least one and a half inch long. This is the minimum requirement to get the desired waves in your hair.  So when you have gained this length, start the process by following the instructions listed below.

1)    For Curly Hair which is essentially too soft and normal hair you may start by cleaning your hair with a good conditioning shampoo. However, for men with coarse hair, start with the application of Nu Nile all through the hair.  Next step is to soak towel in hot water and then squeeze it well…

2)    Then cover your hair with the towel for two minutes. Allow the pomade to melt in the hair by applying pressure.

3)    Later remove the towel.

4)    This should be followed by brushing the hair evenly from the crown in direction of the hair growth.

5)    Before going to bed tie your hair with a Doo- Rag. Never forget to repeat the process for at least once every day.

There are some things that you have to avoid.

1)    Never brush your hair after removing the cap.

2)    Do not apply shampoo for two weeks while you are undergoing this process.

3)    No hair cut for next twenty one day.

After achieving the waves, you may get a haircut limiting it to a guard of one and half inch. Some of the vital factors are like evenly brushing your hair and do wear the Doo Rag. If you don’t brush your hair evenly it will damage the waves. This is very essential.

So guys are you ready for the 360 waves now? Do keep these things in mind to achieve that wavy and sexy look.