A Spoonful of Shine and Luster for your Hair!
Hair Care

A Spoonful of Shine and Luster for your Hair!

With a sparkling white smile, glistening skin and shiny shoes complete your looks, go back to the mirror and see through the reflection once again! Have you forgotten your tresses that crown your head?

From top to bottom- so goes a popular saying. But still you missed out on hair!  Is it the fact that do what you may, the sheen does not shine through? Or is it simply your negligence that propels a dull and lifeless look to your hair?  Whatever it is, the important thing is you just can’t ignore your hair. Thick or thin, short or long, what makes you hair look gorgeous is the shine they ooze adding a tinge of raw sensuality to your overall personality!

True that all the shampoos that that are advertize commercially claim to add a shine and bounce to your hair, but how far do they reach in giving the luster to your locks? Hardly ever… but there are home cooked methods with which you will never have to think twice before going out.

Here is the cache-

  • A few drops of oil, messaged well at least an hour before you wash your hair can restore a natural shine to your hair. Plus a hair oil massage also keeps dryness off your scalp. You can use any oil be it jojoba, castor, almond, olive or coconut oil for messaging the scalp. Do not forget to run your fingers through your strands to give them a touch of oil.
  • Use conditioner after every wash. It helps lock the moisture and makes your hair look healthy. Health is the only element that keeps your hair look shiny and shimmery.
  • Instead of using any over the counter product to condition your hair, try using mayonnaise. Make sure you have rinsed it off well. It adds oodles of natural shine to your hair.
  • Honey is a perfect moisturizer for any hair type. Add it in your conditioner shake the bottle well before very use and discover a new soft and elegant sheen to your tresses.
  • Make a homemade shampoo with a cup of baking soda and water. Use it as you would an over the counter shampoo messaging your scalp mildly with it. It will rip off every speck of dirt and grime leaving your hair squeaky clean, and shine is only a prerequisite of cleanliness!

Try these tips and gain shiny and lustrous splendor oozing out of your locks!

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